Karta Sasmita, S.Pd, M.Si, Ph.D

Karta Sasmita, S.Pd, M.Si, Ph.D

Community Economic Empowerment, Course and Training Management Movement Management of Non-Governmental Organizations


Date of birth
May 13th 1980



  1. Analysis of non-formal education tutor capabilities in exploring assessment for science learning
  2. Decision support system for proposing scholarship recipients to best students using SAW
  3. Diamond Touch (DT) based on hyperactive game in applying the concept of life science in early childhood education
  4. Need Analysis in Developing Drug Abuse Prevention Module for High School Guidance Curriculum Services
  5. The Influence of Andragogy Competence and Interpersonal Communication on the Managerial Ability of Tutors in DKI Jakarta Vocational Training Center
  6. The Influence of Learning Interest and Emotional Intelligence on Mathematics Learning Outcomes of Grade V Students in Dewi Sartika North Jakarta Cluster
  7. Development of Teaching Materials for Facilitation and Management of Changes in Community Empowerment
  8. Cultural-Based School-Community Character Education Development in Non-Formal Education Units
  9. Waste Processing Training to Improve Life Skills in Fruit Salad Traders Community in Klender, East Jakarta
  10. Efforts to Increase Entrepreneurship Motivation Based on Local Potential for Farmers in Sirnajaya Village, Bogor Regency, West Java
  11. The Influence of Learning Interest and Self-Efficacy on Social Studies Learning Outcomes of Elementary School Students
  12. UMKM Socialization in Pasir Kaliki Village, Rawamerta, Karawang
  13. Empowerment of Youth Organizations in Building Awareness of a Clean and Healthy Environment Through Waste Banks
  14. Production Capacity Development Model of Rawagede Educational Tourism Village Merchandise Based on Hyflex LearningDigital-Based Women Education: Being Wise in the Digital Era
  15. WhatsApp Integrity in the Life Science Concept during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  16. Guidance for Homeschooling Talenta Jakarta Timur Teachers in Interactive, Meaningful, and Enjoyable Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  17. Transforming the Character of Indonesian Adolescents: Positive Impacts of High School Equivalency Programs Institutional Culture
  18. Decision Support System for Proposing Scholarship Recipients to Best Students Using SAW
  19. PKBM Partnership Development Model
  20. Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships with Non-Formal and Informal Education in Empowering Communities.