Dr. Elais Retnowati, M.Si

Dr. Elais Retnowati, M.Si

Human Resources Development, Curriculum Development and Innovation Program in Community Education Lecturer


Place, Date of birth
Kisaran, March 4th 1967


  • Bachelor, 1993, Faculty of education Jakarta State University.
  • Master Degree, 2001, Postgraduate Program, Indonesia University.
  • Doctoral Degree, 2011, Postgraduate Program, Indonesia University of Education


  1. Implementation of the Learning Curriculum to Manage Emotions and Behavior for Elementary School Students Extraordinary School Part G Rawinala East Jakarta (2017).
  2. Financial Literacy Learning For Vulnerable Women (2018)
  3. Mentoring Posyandu Cadres to Improve Skills in Inputting Android-Based MCH Data (2019).
  4. Analysis of Parental Parenting Learning Needs in the Puncak II Alternative Route, Sukamakmur District, Bogor Regency (2019)
  5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-Based Lifelong Learning Model for Empowering Rural Women in PKBM (2019).
  6. Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education Program through Teaching Factory at SMK SMTI Bandar Lampung (2020).
  7. Building entrepreneurial literacy among villagers in Indonesia (2021)
  8. Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment in the Indonesian Archipelagic Community (2021).
  9. Training Needs for Cadres Family income improvement Programs in the E-Commerce Era (2021).
  10. Empowerment of Youth Organizations in Building Awareness of a Clean and Healthy Environment Through Waste Banks (2022).